Friday, 8 July 2011

Lucky Me!!!

I have been very remiss as I need to post about the Newbury Coat and some other exciting stuff that has happened but first, I really must tell you about a bit of luck that came my way.

As most of you know I tweet away and it regularly seduces me away from my blog. A couple of weeks ago, well the 24th June to be exact I won a prize. Yep, there was a competition on Twitter and I won and my prize is beautiful!

The lovely Seasparkle ... what are you still here? Click on her name and go and have a look at her super lush website. I'll wait.

Told you it was good.

Anyway, as I was saying Seasparkle ran a competition to win a pendant. What a beaut it is. I wear it lots. The quality of the pendant is fantastic and I can't wait to wear my sea jewels to the beach this summer.

I guess I should let you see my pretties. I feel royally spoilt.

And a closeup to show the detail.

Thank you so very much, Seasparkle.

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