Saturday, 3 September 2011


I have been busy crafting but terribly bad about blogging about it recently.

At the moment I should be knitting socks - 26 pairs this year to be exact. Well, I've been keeping up fairly well but just needed a break. So, I have been working some crochet. I'm making a bag based on the one made by Lucy of Attic24 blog. I'm using Rico Creative Cotton and I love it. I was lucky enough to find the lining fabric the other day, that itself was a steal at about £2.99 a metre. I think it looks perfect. I'm working on the handles and a couple of decorative flowers so I'm nearly there.

When I've finished the bag I will need to get the sewing machine out to line it. At the same time I shall sew my little retro 50's inspired half apron. I just so love the chickens. They make me smile. I should also have enough fabric to make a little cushion. How sweet.

I have also warped up the rigid heddle loom. I got to a point where I was worrying I didn't have the right yarn and started surfing the web to buy some. So, I broke out a couple of my weaving books, looked though for some inspiration and ideas on what dent to use and raided my stash.

A few years ago Natural Dye Studios and Fyberspates released a special edition yarn called Unicorn comprising of Llama, Cashmere and Silk. I treated myself to a minimum of a skein a month and this stuff is too delicious to use in socks. I carefully selected two skeins that would work together.

I warped with the pink using a 10dent heddle.

It was my first time direct warping and it was good fun.

Then, it was time to pass threads over each other and very quickly I had the following softly plaid fabric which is so very lovely and soft. Just like a whisper.

I forgot how enjoyable the whole process is. Luckily, I should have enough yarn left over to reverse the colours and make a second scarf. I am really interested in seeing what effect this has on the look of the finished item.

I have also agreed to join Miss Elle Knits podcast KAL. The pattern is so cute and I'm using a bit of alpaca handspun. I promise some pictures later.

Finally today I shot over to Great British Yarn's new showroom. It is fantastic and Sharon is so friendly. I am hugely pleased to have a place I can visit to buy Jamieson Spindrift and Knitpicks yarn after fondling. I made a couple of purchases including a lovely pattern by Tiny Owl Knits.
Such fun.