Monday, 25 May 2009

Catch Up!

I've been on a bit of a rollercoaster the last few weeks, which caused me to have an enforced rest. I spent most of my time with my computer, talking to some amazing friends I have met through Twitter and Ravelry.

Several of them made me realise I should get of my backside and actually do things instead of just talking about them. So I am. I had been wanting a new project bag and finally got my sewing machine out to make myself one.

I decided to use fancy fabric both on the outside and inside, this means the bag can be used inside out if I am planning to knit with a light coloured yarn.

Inside, the bag you can see a treat for me ... this is Coral Reef by Laughing Yaffle. I have to admit I was really unsure about this colourway when I saw it in the skein but it is so adorable how it knits up ... a real feast of colours.

Yarnwise, I have been busy spinning and have finished Blue Skies, hand dyed roving by Flutterby Creations. It spun really well and I totally love it.

I was very flattered when my designer friend, Alison, agreed to do a yarn swap and she asked for some handspun. I spun Heathland, again dyed by Flutterby Creations and I was so pleased Alison loved it.

In return, I received this sweet sock yarn from The Yarn Yarn. The colourway is ice cream and it reminds me of neopolitan with a dash of lime on the side and additional chocolate.

I have also been busy with my needles and am now over half way on The Return of Lizard Ridge. I do still love this blanket and have been fairly monogomous, something that has shocked my friends.

I also managed to finish Kicking Kermits. These are based on Wendy's toe up sock pattern which is enjoyable. Unfortunately, they are slightly too big. You know how it is, you talk and knit and kerpow! the thing it too long. I did frog back but not bravely enough. Anyway, I do think they are beautiful although they share slighly less characteristics than I thought.

Isn't the yarn stunning though? They were knit using Fybrespates Echo Self Striping Sock Yarn in Kermit using 2mm needles and the intensity of the colours and gorgeous patterning is just amazing.

DH and I have also been to a couple of concerts. The first was hosted at the Spiegeltent, a wonderful caberet tent errected on The Rec in Bath.

With booths, cut and stained glass and a velvet ceiling, it is a magical place.

Who did we see? The wonderful The Handsome Family who entertained us with songs of romantic songs about insects, birds, holes and swamps. If you haven't heard them before, do listen, they are funny, witty, and great story tellers.

We also saw the wonderful Seth Lakeman at Komedia and his new songs sounded excellent, can't wait for the new album.

Saturday, 9 May 2009

Frome Shopping with Love

Yesterday DH and I decided to spend the afternoon in Frome, it was just a last minute whim and I am so pleased we decided to do it.

It has been a long time since we wandered around Frome and I am pleased some things haven't changed, as much had since our last visit.

We took a lovely walk up Catherine Hill. This used to have an excellent junk shop full of magazines from the 30s, 40s & 50s and lots of other lovely memorabilia but it has now closed. Generally Catherine Hill has become a great shopping street with boutiques, antique shops and a yarn shop.

I have known about Woolly Notions for a while but only visited it once, ages ago. It has recently changed hands and is run by Marmalade Yarns. I had a lovely time admiring the granny blankets and yarns; they are stockists of Rowan and Debbie Bliss but do carry other brands and talking to one of the owners.
I just love their open sign.

I found these two lovely yarns by Adriafil: Fusione and Fruttamix. They are both 100% cotton, multistranded, soft and affordable. I have been crocheting wash cloths with Fusione and they look very nice.

Marmalade Yarns have plans to hold workshops and start a club. I plan to visit again.

Also on Catherine Hill is Millie Moon, I didn't get a chance to investigate further than the window display as otherwise DH might have thought the only reason I asked to go to Frome was to enhance my stash. However, I hope to visit in the not too distant future.

We had such fun wanding up and down the hill, looking at the beautiful streets.

Of course, no visit to Frome is complete without a visit to
Raves from the Grave and the Wholefood Shop on Cheap Street, where I purchased several types of tofu.

Cheap Street also has a great greengrocers and I purchased these

Broad Beans


I am so naughty.

I will blog about the rest of our day soon.