Tuesday, 21 June 2011

All set for Newbury

Oh, my goodness. I can't believe this Saturday I'm going to be in Newbury at a stupid early time, leaving home about 6.30am!

I and Elle (of Miss Elle Knits fame) will be joining the Kennet Valley Guild and members of other local guilds to participate in a totally mad challenge - to recreate the making of the Newbury Coat. I'm already feeling nervous as anything (gulp)!

Here is a link to the original Newbury Coat challenge.

Here is a link to the madness that is taking place this weekend.

I may faint!

Sunday, 19 June 2011

To every season ...

So summer is acting a lot like spring. Seems fitting as spring was like summer.

Yesterday was guild day and there was a fleece sale at Steeple Ashton. I managed not to purchase any fleece or yarn. Despite there being some lovely Zwartbles, Alpaca and exceedingly lovely Shetland. I really love Shetland. I didn't dare linger as I already have several fleeces lined up for spinning.

Don't think I didn't spend a little bit of money at the Guild though. Joan and Clive were visiting from Woodland Turnery and I couldn't resist buying a mini niddy noddy for those little sample skeins of yarn.

Joan gave a talk detailing how Woodland Turnery came into existance and they had bought her Leicester wheel as well as the chair wheel. I really love the chair wheel, it is so comfortable. Joan also showed samples of her pyrograph art.

As always, it was lovely to see Joan and Clive and have the opportunity for a chat, especially as I won't be attending Woolfest or Fibre East.

Just so you know I have started spinning some lovely fawn Alpaca. Last night I put the remainder of the fawn through my drum carder. I am planning to ply the fawn with some yummy chocolate and hopefully have enough yarn for a top by the time I've finished.

By all rights, I should finish this post with at least one picture. So I have decided to share a place I drive pass every time I go to the Wiltshire Guild in Steeple Ashton. It catches my eye every time I drive by.
And the details are fantastic.

Saturday, 18 June 2011

Oh, no mojo!

I've had a strange week in the Cave and by Friday evening I had only managed to crochet a couple of rows on a shawl and knit a couple of rows on a sock in the whole week. Totally not like me at all.

Friday evening came around and my crafting mojo returned. I finally completed  a couple of projects. I do need to take good photos but managed to grab a shot of a very cute Lisa Lam purse I made last night.This was made from a kit which was really clear, great fun and I can't believe how professional it looks.

I also finished some bunting I made from a kit by GillianGladraggs which I purchased recently from the very lovely new shop in Bradford on Avon, JumbleJelly. I haven't had the opportunity to take good photos of the completed bunting yet, but this is what a couple of the felted sheets looked like before I cut them up.
I am really happy to have the mojo back.

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Knitting in the Sun

JumbleJelly, the fab new haberdashery and wool shop iin Bradford on Avon hosted a Knit in Public event in the park yesterday.

They provided a gazebo for us to sit under and I took my newly completed quilt to sit on. It was a wonderful afternoon full of fun and laughter. I met lots of lovely new crafter's and chatted away.

I'm not sure too much actual 'work' was done even though there were plenty of scrummy projects on view.

At one point I was trying to explain spinning from washing a newly shorn fleece through to plying including explaining the differences between plied and cabled yarns. I think poor Chris's head might have exploded but he did keep asking questions and I do like to provide answers.

My friend Elle took time to interview fellow public knitters yesterday and these can be found in her podcast (http://misselleknits.blogspot.com).

So, as I mentioned, I have finished my quilt and I love it. The picture will be at the start of the post because that is what happens if I use my phone to post an entry.
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