Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Spinning a Frog

I have been busy knitting but everything seems to have slowed down. This might be because I frogged Vera. I frogged it because the second closing of the leaves didn't look right and I thought it was too loose.

I looked at the errata for Myrtle Leaf pattern from Victorian Lace Today which is hosted by Knitter's Magazine Online and it just didn't click. I have kept knitting and looking at it and thinking, surely it must become lovely after blocking. After my fourth repeat my confidence wavered and I looked at the errata again. I admit it - I'm thick, or at least I was when I last looked at it. It makes sense - now. I think I have some ripping back to do! The picture shows the patern on smaller needles with the CORRECT pattern.

Anyway, on a happier note Purple Perils are looking good. They have been travelling and took a quick visit to Tulipmania at Dyrham Park. This lovely country house outside Bath was decorated throughout with stunning floral arrangements. A brilliant idea that injects life into what can be a very staid environment. Even DH enjoyed himself and he doesn't like stuffy old houses as a general rule.

I have also been spinning and feel this is improving. As I am teaching myself at the moment I am finding my understanding of the craft is getting better. I have purchased two books on the subject Spin It: Making Yarn from Scratch by Lee Raven and A Handspindle Treasury: Collected Works from the Save the Sheep Exhibit by Spin-Off Magazine. These, together with Yarn Harlot's descriptions way back in March 2005 have really helped to improve my spinning. See these are all my singles so far and I hope to start plying shortly.

Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Tender Prey

Expletive deleted...

I am sort of angry and growly as this evening had a rapid decent into uckiness. Having worked late I discovered that my rather expensive rear tyre (which I only replaced 2 weeks ago today!) was looking rather flat. Having driven to the garage to use the air pump I discovered, after much cussing and stomping, that there is a rather large slash in the running surface. Damn ... that's gonna cost.

Anyway, a frantic phone call to DH calmed me down. He is so good in situations like this although how he copes with my moods, I don't know.

So, I limped the 16 odd miles to Bath as all the tyre places had shut. Did I mention I worked late tonight?

Tonight is S&B night and I should be tucked up in the pub, knitting with friends. However, Bath are playing at home and the only car parking space I could find in town just before kick off cost £7.70!

I leave you with a couple of things to play with - the world of Teesha Moore and Poseidon Socks by Tsarina of Tsocks.

Monday, 14 April 2008


I have attached a gratuitous photo of stash. Some have been living with me for a while, and the laceweight has come out of the closet.

As promised, I have been working on the Purple Perils and, once I have grafted the toe I only have its friend to make. So far I am really pleased with them so fingers crossed I can make a matching partner. NYMelissa suggested owning 2 pairs of dpns and knitting the socks in sequence e.g. rib on one sock followed by rib on second sock etc to prevent second sock syndrome. Such a simple idea I think I will try it even though I don’t generally suffer from 2SS (too much!).

Anyway, I have been fighting the lace knitting urge and finally it got the better of me. I just totally caved and sat up until 3a.m. knitting on my gorgeous Helen’s Lace in Vera. I feel slightly mad as I am using my Denises’ and these really aren’t pointed enough for lace generally but as this pattern only calls for SSK, SSP, K2tog and P2tog they seem to be working well. I have had to resist the purchase of KnitPick Harmonies as I don’t have the money at the moment. 2 rear tyres, MOT, road tax and Glastonbury tickets have wiped me out.

I have been reading Wendy Knits and today she has released a video of her cutting a steek. OMG my jaw ended up on the floor and I could not breathe! I think I shall have to purchase some of this yarn as it looks amazing.

Before I go, I am pleased to show bramble and my new hair cut. I would love to say I look better with my make-up on but I don't always wear it.

Thursday, 3 April 2008

Sheep May Safely Graze

I am happy. I popped in to see a friend on my way home from work and was lucky enough to see their new borne lambs, who were less than an hour old. It is so touching and an amazing sight to see such lovely animals taking their first steps and bonding with their mother.

The eldest lamb in the small flock has been bottle feed and is very friendly. It tried to suckle my fingers and eat the hems of my jeans. It was lovely to be able to stroke an animal that provides me with such pleasure and to touch its gorgeous coat.

Such an experience is priceless.