Friday, 14 May 2010

Shop Update

I have been busy recently and hope to do a blog about craftiness very soon.
Meanwhile, I've been creating some loveliness for my shop. Some of the yarn colours are part of my Egyptian Myths series.

If you haunted twitter at the beginning of May there was discussions about Egyptian myths and my brain started seeing colours. It became important I share them with you. So the colours inccluded are Anubis, Isis, Sekhmet and Bast.

I am also pleased to include my first fibres - a beautiful mix of 50% superwash merino and 50% tencel.

Of course, Iain saw the tops and took a shine to a pink, violet, turquoise and black. I shall be trying to spin and knit him some socks.

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Anonymous said...

arrrggghhh temptation got the better of least I didn't buy it all.