Tuesday, 23 August 2011

A large helping of Jelly

Today I managed to shoot over to Bradford on Avon to see my lovely friend Elle. Well Tuesday is knit and natter at Jumble Jelly so we took a walk to this lovely shop and joined the fun.

At the moment I have taken a break from knitting socks and started a crochet bag, based on the one made by Lucy of Attic24 fame which I am finding huge fun. I am however finding the Rico cotton I am using to make the bag a bit sticky on the hook so I grabbed a metal hook at Jumble Jelly with secret plans to make it into something special.

After a lovely morning talking and crochetting I couldn't resist a quick shopping spree. I managed to get a lovely haul which will keep me busy.

I managed to get a skein of Woolcake yarn to make some chunky socks, it is so soft and  fantastic colour. There is also a Simplicity apron pattern and some fabric to make a pocket apron. I am on a bit of an apron kick at the moment and as soon as I saw the great hen fabric I knew it had to come home with me.

Also in the little package is an aluminium crochet hook. You can see a better picture of it below.

Believe it or not but it is the same hook. I have just padded it out with a bit of polymer clay. Really it could do with a bit less "padding" but for my first ever, I love it and can see me making more. Oh, and it is sitting on the bag I'm crochetting. I'm really enjoying the bright colours which change every row.

It was such fun to spend time at Jumble Jelly and, when it was time to go we decided to have a quick look at the Saxon Church and to visit the Millenium Embroidery which was created by some hugely talented embroiderers and we were lucky enough to talk to a couple of them. It took them over three years and the majority of the work was done in chain stitch with accents of bullion and french knots. Large portions were stuffed, in a similar manner to stumpwork to give depth.

My favourite scene was the one depiting the homecrafts of spinning and weaving prior to the introduction of commercial mills. Unfortunately, I did not take my camera with me and this is the best photo I could find (bottom panel in the picture). If you scroll through the pictures you can see the quality of the work.

We then walked back long the canal, past the Tithe barn and home.

A lovely end to a great day out.

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