Monday, 20 October 2008

Time! It flexes like a ...

Well, madness has been happening at work and it has taken up almost all my energy. I have had a certain David Bowie line trot around my head as each time I look at the clock I discover another morning/afternoon has passed and my to do pile hasn't deminished in the slightest. Luckily, we have a new person in our department since the beginning of the month early and this will really help.

On the plus side (there is always a plus side, right?) I have managed to shake a few things off my needles. I am pleased.

Vera - the glorious VLT pattern is off my needles and off the blocking board. I have been wearing this loads but haven't managed to take a picture of it without pins. Soon, I promise. Meanwhile, enjoy some lace porn.

I also managed to finish All the Fun of the Fair (so called because I purchased the yarn at All the Fun of the Fair, London a while back. I love it and only have about a 1m of yarn left over. I am so happy although I was scared of running out of yarn.

Socks have been causing me some problems recently (did I boast at a knit club?). I have some gorgeous Natural Dye Studios sock yarn and have tried to made a certain sock pattern 4 times. The last time, I had to admit defeat. I love the pattern but the yarn hated it. Finally, I listened to the yarn. Afterall, a good knitter should follow the yarn where it leads her ... Nancy Bush's Latvian Socks (aka Spearmint Arrows). My sock yarn is happy and I am happy. I have wanted to knit this pattern for ages and finally it is on my needles. It makes me happy.

I have also cast on a pair of Thrumb mittens for a girlfriend. She works in a warehouse and her hands become really cold. I thought these would help defrost her fingers during break. They are mad and DH hates them. They really make me laugh. Just need to knit the left.

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