Thursday, 12 March 2009

What! Another Post?

Happy unbirthday to me!

Happy unbirthday to me!

I have been accumlating sock yarn, again. I don't think this obsession will ever end.

The yarn I have purchased has come from Gothic Yarns, I just fell in love with the colourways and there was no hope for me. No hope at all.

As always, the yarns came supplied wrapped in red tissue. The skeins look like a coptic bundle, tied with black ribbon

and guarded by a skull stitch marker

Inside, the fun did not stop. I had purchased Carrie (top) and Poison Apple (bottom).

Carrie is beautiful; the vivid orange becomes burnt as it merges with the red tinged black and the red is lightly speckled with spots of black.

Poison Apple is lovely and reminds me of the rosy apple sweets I had as a little girl. Small accents of citrus lemon become zesty lime and spring green. A rosy pink has coloured the cheek of the apple and I just love it.

I won't bore you with the details of my recent shopping expedition to Get Knitted, except to mention Fybrespates Echo Self Striping Sock lemon, lime, fresh green, deep green and teal).

and Malabrigo in Turner in chartreuse and olive.


Anonymous said...

Carrie's closing shop for a while :( You probably got one of her last batches! She's hoping to be back with a proper website in the summer... I sure hope I have a job by then and can buy more of her gorgeous yarns!

KnitCave said...

Hell Elle! That's bad news but might solve my accumulation problem ;)