Saturday, 13 March 2010

A Hint of Purple

Thank you all so much for your lovely comments, the giveaway is still running this week and there will be some new colours coming up. Here are some drying on the line.

Elle and I were discussing how much we like black and I just couldn't resist a blast of American Gothic, soft greys build up to dramatic charcoal.

The back skein shows how the yarn was dyed and the front shows the yarn re-skeined. Do you think I should show the yarns in my shop re-skeined, although I think they will be supplied 'unmixed' so to speak? I think the re-skein shows the yarn to best effect.

I also painted Rainbow. This is slightly different to the colourway Miss Elle so kindly knitted for me as I have changed both the dyes and amended the method slightly. However, I really love how the colours work and flow together just like a rainbow.

I also created a violet (top) and a purple (bottom) colourway. I should have photographed them this morning while there was plenty of light but I'll post pictures anyway.

I also dashed off my first solid colour, I've named it Lacey as it is great for really fancy patterns.

Lastly, I had some BFL roving in my stash and I really wanted to play with some greens. I am very happy with it and think I'll keep it all for myself as I love the richness of the greens and pinks.

I have also been knitting and working on my fourth shawl for the 10 shawls in 2010 challenge I am doing. The pattern is Multnomah (Rav link) and I am knitting my own handspun yarn.


AllyColl said...

I like to see skeins before they are re skeined but that is just a personal thing;-)
PURPLE...loving that purple it is definately my FAV colour just now!!!
When is the next shop update? Drool, Drool. LOL
Take care,

Miss Elle said...

Oooo that Gothic yarn is gorgeous and scrummy! Delicious. I like to skeins in their natural, but also reskeined, kind of like how Laughing Yaffle does theres.

I love that roving too, delicious colours :D

Rhian Drinkwater said...

Ooh I love the American Gothic! And the purples!

I think Alison (Yaffle) reskeins one skein in each colour to photograph it, so most of her colours you can see the skein both ways.

Anonymous said...

I am loving that rainbow yarn - so pretty :)