Saturday, 26 October 2013

New Zealand and WOMAD

I have a new finished item! It has taken a long time due to the ongoing issues I've had with my hands but they are finished and have been gifted to Iain.

When we visited New Zealand last year for my brother's wedding Iain and I stopped over at Clyde in Central Otago. I came across Touch Yarns last time we visited New Zealand and I fell totally in lust with a scarf kit I kept seeing. In the end I purchased the kit comprising two hand dyed yarns in the most amazing autumn colours and a new obsession was born. 7 years ago Touch Yarn was responsible for me starting to knit again and I still own and love that scarf.

So, it was only reasonable to stop over in Clyde specifically to visit the shop and I did make several purchases while I was there.

The Magic Merino yarn is beautifully soft and it is really brightly dyed. The yarn is soft and very slightly sticky. I found it delightful to use.

I knit one sock from the outside of the ball and then the second from the inside using 2.5mm dpns. This has provided a very subtle difference in the socks.

I'm really pleased with how they look and this is the second time I have knit this pattern (Spey Valley by Nancy Bush) and I think it looks great. The pattern was easy to upsize for Iain's size 11's.


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