Monday, 21 October 2013

Twill Sample

When I did my weaving course there was a 75 twill sample in the back of the coursework. One person at the Guild has made the whole sample - all 4.5 metres!

Having seen that I had an idea and purchased some scrummy, yummy mercerised cotton from Helen at MyFineWeavingYarns at Wonderwool in 2012. The cotton itself is fairly loosely plied but it is lovely to work with, it is easy to use and creates a soft cloth with lovely drape and shine.

I selected 5 colours for the project: turquoise because it makes me happy, then raspberry and orange because these three colours remind me of Andy Wahol's Marylin Monroe series. I then added jade and to really make it vibrate a richly hued purple. The colours are all saturated and together they make me think of sunshine, beer and steel drums; a veritable carnival.

Starting and finishing with tabby I wove 25 different twills, changing colour for each twill block. Some twills were a pleasure to weave and a few may never be woven by me ever again. I did have some issues with dressing my loom (I'm getting better) and I managed to nose dive my boat shuttle in a couple of places without realising I had done so. This does mean the piece isn't error free but it certainly is handsome.

It also has an asymmetrical fringe. I double knotted one end which took a long time. The other fringe has been purposefully left longer so I can decided if I wish to double knot that side. It does however let me easily identify the start of the sample and, thereby the lift pattern. After all it is meant to be a sample.

I just have to decide what to do with the rest of the warp.


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