Wednesday, 7 January 2015

To Catch a Thread

I have started stitching again. I am currently working on

I am also working on this old WIP.

So recently I have been snipping threads and putting them on the arm of the chair. This always means that they either fall on the floor or need collecting up and putting in the bin.

In a thread on Ravelry someone mentioned the TUSAL where stitcher's collect and keep all the snippets of thread from their projects. I thought this might be fun and the left overs could be used to make a tweedy yarn. Of course, this requires me to be a bit more organised and controlled over thread disposal.

The answer of course was to make a thread catcher. I saw one in real life and they are really nifty.

A little bin that stands up and remains open when waiting for threads.


When it is time to put things away a quick twist captures the thread snippets and keeps them safely tidied away. It is a small thing ideally suited for travelling.

The pattern comes from Red Hen Fabric's website.




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