Saturday, 27 December 2014

A Step Back in Time

As I posted previously I celebrated the Solstice at Stonehenge.

It only seemed fitting to spend a bit of time visiting some of the sites of my ancestors. First up was Woodhenge.

Someone had laid a mistletoe and holly wreath on the child's grave located towards the centre of the henge; sadly the wind blew it off so it was laying beside it.

I then proceeded to travel to Avebury, catching views of an amazing earthwork. At Avebury the weather began to close in and the walk amongst the stones was already muddy (I didn't think to put my walking boots back on).

It was possible to see my next destination as I walked back to the carpark, although it doesn't look too impressive from here.

As seen from the road, just outside the carpark.

This is truely a monument I love. It fascinates me as there appears to be no specific reason to have built it. It was built in a 100 year period in several stages, finally becoming the monument we see today. It has been excavated a few times. I first heard about Silbury Hill when I studied AS Level Archaeology, its still does not disappoint.

The Hill is huge and sits imposingly in its landscape.

Due to the rare plants, and to protect the Hill, it is not possible to walk on the structure and this is the closest vantage point (unless you are in a car).

There is still so much to investigate in this area; something I plan to do in 2015.














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