Sunday, 11 May 2008

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds Live at the Apollo

Hehehe ... this post was written on 11 May but not uploaded. I was lucky enough to see Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds at Hammersmith Apollo.

A 6 hour round trip to see a band? Were we mad? Did we have nothing better to do on a Friday night?

Well, the answer to all these questions was a resounding "no". Admittedly, I would preferred not to spend so long travelling but we knew that would be a problem when we relocated to the West Country. Was the concert worth it? You bet your bottom dollar it was.

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds at Hammersmith Apollo. Worth the hassle and a good fun rock was had by all.

Opening with The Night of the Lotus Eaters, Nick (when did we get on first name terms?) sounded a bit hoarse but his voice soon warmed up. Dig Lazarus Dig!!! was then followed by Topulo set against a backdrop of dark clouds. The evening continued mixing new songs with tracks such as Deanna, Red Right Hand (a personal fave), Papa Won't Leave You Henry and Stagger Lee. The last two videos are from Marseille on the 26th April 2008 and front row.

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Anonymous said...

ooh you lucky thing, he rarely does Tupelo.