Sunday, 1 June 2008

Old Folks

Living just outside Bath, we are able to enjoy the many benefits of the city. Currently Bath is hosting its International Music Festival and walk home.

We spent a wonderful evening recently in the presence of Waterson:Carthy at the rather lovely Assembly Rooms. Do also visit Eliza Carthy's site to see what she is up to. As always, the concert has adjusted my listening and out went Nick (sorry guys) and in went folk. Whilst this isn't really a a bad thing. We are off to see Babyhead and Bellowhead soon.

We were also visited by Sue and Dan, who bought the gorgeous Wolfie to visit. Unfortunately, Smudge and Meg were not too happy about having a dog to stay. Good job they are easy to bribe, especially as Meg was chased down the garden path!

It was great to see Sue as we don't meet up too often but it is a scarey thought, the next time I see them they will have a little baby. Oh, I know her name but am keeping it secret until it is all official.

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Anonymous said...

Waterson and Eliza Carthy, my two favourite female singers...must have been wonderful!