Friday, 1 January 2010

Sleeves in your Pi - A Challenge

Last year, rashly Puddytatpurr and I decided to carry out a spinning and knitting challenge. For me this will be the first time I've spun for a specific project and, being people who like a challenge we wanted to leap frog onto something slightly more spectacular.

The pattern we are working to is Sleeves in your Pi (Ravelry link) and we start today and aim to complete by Woolfest.

Last year I purchased a silver grey Shetland fleece that came from a sheep called Stelatta. I am using this beauty to make my Sleeves in your Pi. Slight problem is, I haven't finished washing it yet. I do have enough washed fleece to start the project though and this afternoon I will be spinning for Iain's scarf and this evening for my Pi.

A word of warning, there follows some rather dull photos showing green fleece, and drying fleece. If you're not interested I'd stop scrolling now.

 The fleece being unrolled - it has already been skirted (sigh).

The darkest pieces removed from the fleece ready for washing.

The first load drying. The colour variation is clear to see.

The top layer is from the back towards the top of the neck.

At this stage I am slightly concerned I will not have enough fleece to make the whole project. I will have weigh and do some calculations. If I don't I'll be hunting for a Shetland fleece.

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