Sunday, 19 June 2011

To every season ...

So summer is acting a lot like spring. Seems fitting as spring was like summer.

Yesterday was guild day and there was a fleece sale at Steeple Ashton. I managed not to purchase any fleece or yarn. Despite there being some lovely Zwartbles, Alpaca and exceedingly lovely Shetland. I really love Shetland. I didn't dare linger as I already have several fleeces lined up for spinning.

Don't think I didn't spend a little bit of money at the Guild though. Joan and Clive were visiting from Woodland Turnery and I couldn't resist buying a mini niddy noddy for those little sample skeins of yarn.

Joan gave a talk detailing how Woodland Turnery came into existance and they had bought her Leicester wheel as well as the chair wheel. I really love the chair wheel, it is so comfortable. Joan also showed samples of her pyrograph art.

As always, it was lovely to see Joan and Clive and have the opportunity for a chat, especially as I won't be attending Woolfest or Fibre East.

Just so you know I have started spinning some lovely fawn Alpaca. Last night I put the remainder of the fawn through my drum carder. I am planning to ply the fawn with some yummy chocolate and hopefully have enough yarn for a top by the time I've finished.

By all rights, I should finish this post with at least one picture. So I have decided to share a place I drive pass every time I go to the Wiltshire Guild in Steeple Ashton. It catches my eye every time I drive by.
And the details are fantastic.


Moggle said...

I like shetland too, I would have been so tempted!

Judith K said...

Every time I pass that old garage I think I must get a pic of that before someone demolishes it!