Sunday, 12 June 2011

Knitting in the Sun

JumbleJelly, the fab new haberdashery and wool shop iin Bradford on Avon hosted a Knit in Public event in the park yesterday.

They provided a gazebo for us to sit under and I took my newly completed quilt to sit on. It was a wonderful afternoon full of fun and laughter. I met lots of lovely new crafter's and chatted away.

I'm not sure too much actual 'work' was done even though there were plenty of scrummy projects on view.

At one point I was trying to explain spinning from washing a newly shorn fleece through to plying including explaining the differences between plied and cabled yarns. I think poor Chris's head might have exploded but he did keep asking questions and I do like to provide answers.

My friend Elle took time to interview fellow public knitters yesterday and these can be found in her podcast (

So, as I mentioned, I have finished my quilt and I love it. The picture will be at the start of the post because that is what happens if I use my phone to post an entry.
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