Saturday, 18 June 2011

Oh, no mojo!

I've had a strange week in the Cave and by Friday evening I had only managed to crochet a couple of rows on a shawl and knit a couple of rows on a sock in the whole week. Totally not like me at all.

Friday evening came around and my crafting mojo returned. I finally completed  a couple of projects. I do need to take good photos but managed to grab a shot of a very cute Lisa Lam purse I made last night.This was made from a kit which was really clear, great fun and I can't believe how professional it looks.

I also finished some bunting I made from a kit by GillianGladraggs which I purchased recently from the very lovely new shop in Bradford on Avon, JumbleJelly. I haven't had the opportunity to take good photos of the completed bunting yet, but this is what a couple of the felted sheets looked like before I cut them up.
I am really happy to have the mojo back.

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