Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Sugar, Sugar, Sugar

Things have been busy, or should I say my Bank Manager is slightly poorer. I had a slight splurge on books this month - I purchased 3 knitting books to further extend the library.

The first is Debbie Bliss’s Simply Baby. I really like her patterns and this contains the most amazing double breasted coat. It is so lovely I am going to knit it for my sister’s baby. Sue will totally love it and I seriously think it should be bright red. Anyway, I just have had to knit this coat, its so beautiful and, even better, I can knit it for my sister’s baby. There are a host of other gorgeous patterns in the book, solid Debbie Bliss and I shall enjoy working through the book.

The other two books are Beads, Buttons and Lace by Jennie Atkinson and Knitting Lingerie Style by Joan McGowan-Michael. These books are just so lovely but realistically I would need to have somebody else’s body for the designs to look great on me. However, Ms McGowan-Michael regularly sizes her designs for the larger gal and they still look totally wonderful, so there is hope for me yet.

Beads, Buttons and Lace contains the pattern for THE ultimate dressing gown. I was lent this book by Jess and have been incapable of wiping this design from my mind. Anyway, I have given up smoking and I’m not drinking at present (just a wee bit jealous of my sis) so surely I can loose weight to make THAT dressing down look amazing on me? The book does also have several other lovely designs and accessories all evocative of Hollywood glamour of the 30’s and 40’s and, whilst predominantly knitting based does incorporate some lovely crochet items.

Knitting Lingerie Style does contain patterns for knitted undergarments including an underwired bra but it does so much more than that. It provides a range of structured tops that will suit all shapes and sizes. There is also a selection of stockings and socks. Although some designs are quirky and will probably never make it onto my needles they are all pretty and slightly flirty.

Oh! I ought to include a word about Plums & Custard. I do believe the knitting fates are teaching me a lesson. Having turned both heels, I discovered a serious problem with my counting - one heel was wider than the other. Yes, 2 whole stitches wider. This also means that the top of the sock was also disadvantaged. After some stropping and debate I had to frog one of the heels. Damn, I thought I had two socks on one needle licked, afterall my last pair worked. It’s a bit sensitive at the moment. Jon, I still love your wool!

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