Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Tender Prey

Expletive deleted...

I am sort of angry and growly as this evening had a rapid decent into uckiness. Having worked late I discovered that my rather expensive rear tyre (which I only replaced 2 weeks ago today!) was looking rather flat. Having driven to the garage to use the air pump I discovered, after much cussing and stomping, that there is a rather large slash in the running surface. Damn ... that's gonna cost.

Anyway, a frantic phone call to DH calmed me down. He is so good in situations like this although how he copes with my moods, I don't know.

So, I limped the 16 odd miles to Bath as all the tyre places had shut. Did I mention I worked late tonight?

Tonight is S&B night and I should be tucked up in the pub, knitting with friends. However, Bath are playing at home and the only car parking space I could find in town just before kick off cost £7.70!

I leave you with a couple of things to play with - the world of Teesha Moore and Poseidon Socks by Tsarina of Tsocks.

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