Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Spinning a Frog

I have been busy knitting but everything seems to have slowed down. This might be because I frogged Vera. I frogged it because the second closing of the leaves didn't look right and I thought it was too loose.

I looked at the errata for Myrtle Leaf pattern from Victorian Lace Today which is hosted by Knitter's Magazine Online and it just didn't click. I have kept knitting and looking at it and thinking, surely it must become lovely after blocking. After my fourth repeat my confidence wavered and I looked at the errata again. I admit it - I'm thick, or at least I was when I last looked at it. It makes sense - now. I think I have some ripping back to do! The picture shows the patern on smaller needles with the CORRECT pattern.

Anyway, on a happier note Purple Perils are looking good. They have been travelling and took a quick visit to Tulipmania at Dyrham Park. This lovely country house outside Bath was decorated throughout with stunning floral arrangements. A brilliant idea that injects life into what can be a very staid environment. Even DH enjoyed himself and he doesn't like stuffy old houses as a general rule.

I have also been spinning and feel this is improving. As I am teaching myself at the moment I am finding my understanding of the craft is getting better. I have purchased two books on the subject Spin It: Making Yarn from Scratch by Lee Raven and A Handspindle Treasury: Collected Works from the Save the Sheep Exhibit by Spin-Off Magazine. These, together with Yarn Harlot's descriptions way back in March 2005 have really helped to improve my spinning. See these are all my singles so far and I hope to start plying shortly.

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Riggwelter said...

What a stunning Peacock, did he display his feathers for you?

Good luck with the spinning.