Monday, 14 April 2008


I have attached a gratuitous photo of stash. Some have been living with me for a while, and the laceweight has come out of the closet.

As promised, I have been working on the Purple Perils and, once I have grafted the toe I only have its friend to make. So far I am really pleased with them so fingers crossed I can make a matching partner. NYMelissa suggested owning 2 pairs of dpns and knitting the socks in sequence e.g. rib on one sock followed by rib on second sock etc to prevent second sock syndrome. Such a simple idea I think I will try it even though I don’t generally suffer from 2SS (too much!).

Anyway, I have been fighting the lace knitting urge and finally it got the better of me. I just totally caved and sat up until 3a.m. knitting on my gorgeous Helen’s Lace in Vera. I feel slightly mad as I am using my Denises’ and these really aren’t pointed enough for lace generally but as this pattern only calls for SSK, SSP, K2tog and P2tog they seem to be working well. I have had to resist the purchase of KnitPick Harmonies as I don’t have the money at the moment. 2 rear tyres, MOT, road tax and Glastonbury tickets have wiped me out.

I have been reading Wendy Knits and today she has released a video of her cutting a steek. OMG my jaw ended up on the floor and I could not breathe! I think I shall have to purchase some of this yarn as it looks amazing.

Before I go, I am pleased to show bramble and my new hair cut. I would love to say I look better with my make-up on but I don't always wear it.

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Anonymous said...

Bramble looks lovely, what yarn did you use?
Your purple socks look great too. Have you tried knitting two at the same time on a circular, it's easier than it sounds!