Monday, 23 June 2008

Victorian Lace Today KAL

I am so excited! I have signed up for the VLT KAL (Ravelry link) for July 2008 and we find out which pattern we will be casting on.

I have spent the last few days searching for lace weight yarn. I have projects I need to finish but nothing is going to stop me.

Here's hoping that the winning project is launched before lunch tomorrow so I can buy yarn (yippee). I can then go to Glastonbury happy in the knowledge that I can cast on when I get back.

If you don't know what all the fuss is about: beg, borrow, look up on Ravelry or just BUY the book Victorian Lace Today. It is totally beautiful. It is knitting porn!


Anonymous said...

g book isn't it. I haven't got much courage to knit some of the items in there!

Anonymous said...

d'oh! I meant to say "great" I dunno where the rest of the word went, LOL