Thursday, 10 July 2008


Can anyone but me see the problem with this photograph?

The lovely Pilton Jay looks great, doesn't it?

There are no mistakes and the heel looks neat (even if I say so myself).

The yarn looks lovely, even though there is a greater bias towards yellow than I might like.

"So", I hear you ask "what's wrong?"

That is my DH foot. It should be mine! I've knitted too big (again).

My gauge lied (again).

I haven't the heart to rip back and start (again).

However, my husband now has another pair of handknit socks coming his way. Some of the knitting took place at Glastonbury. Somehow it is fitting as he is a Glasto veteran of several more years than me.

By the way, Seth Lakeman rocked yesterday. Not sure if rocked is the right phrasing to use but lots of jigging took place and his new album sounded so good I had to carry out a late night purchase. (It wasn't on sale at the gig.)

Anyway, having been encouraged to purchase Woolly Wormhead's book Going Straight I'm off to make a purchase. There are so many lovely patterns and I am sure I'll be able to knit one of THOSE in the right size to fit my head ...


Jopageri said...

Cool - more socks for me!!

Anonymous said...

oooh lovely socks!