Sunday, 6 July 2008

You Spin Me Right Round

I have finished my first ever handspun. I started this ages ago on a drop spindle and, in several places I made this too thin. However, I am very happy about how it turned out. I learnt so much making this from drafting to andean plying.

It is 204m of 2ply BFL and appears to be reasonably balanced (at least 2 of the skeins are). I think I might knit a hat out of it as this should show the textures well.

I'm thinking either Camille by Bronwyn Lowenthal, or Urchin (giving me an excuse to purchase her book).


Anonymous said...

Oh what wonderful yarn! I'd love to be able to spin.

I'd go for the Woollywormhead one...

jessicapollitt said...

WOWEE! Looks lovely - looking forward to seeing it soon! :)
How's your sore Glasto-feet?
Jess x

KnitCave said...

Thanks for the lovely comments!