Saturday, 5 July 2008

Nick Cave TV

I have the best ever Saturday planned. Last night was Nick Cave night on BBC4 and I recorded all the programmes! I shall be watching again and again.

I couldn't watch in real time as Meatloaf was playing at the Rec in Bath and we couldn't resist a singalong. It was good fun, even though Mr Loaf could have been better, mumbling his lines and singing slower than the band was playing. It didn't matter as the crowd pretty much drowned out the sound, singing along to hits like Paradise by the Dashboard Light, Bat Out of Hell etc.

Very strange though, I felt quite young amongst the crowd, something that doesn't happen often these days!

Ah! The Tour has started and I wish all those participating in both the KAL (Ravelry link) and the actual race all the best. May the projects fly off the needles and watch out for the pile-ups as you won't want to frog and be swept up by the van. I personally am nailing my colours to Team QuickStep and routing for the team leader, Riggwelter in her attempt to capture the King of the Mountain. One of the hardest jersey's to obtain ... good luck!

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thank you!