Friday, 17 April 2009

A Rye Spin

It has been a horrid week at work because the economic reality hit us hard. However, I have decided to go to Wonderwool. It is very important to support these events over this period. I also want to score some fleece.

At the beginning of the week, the summer top I wrote of was swatched and cast on. I am knitting this in geranium Patons Cotton Top. This yarn has been discontinued for a while but forms the most soft fabric and I kind of like its kinky ways. I am half way through the patterning at the base of the top and have come to a grinding halt. I promise pictures later but daren't pull it back out incase I get seduced!

Don't worry, there is no bad reason for it I just have been asked to crochet a really pretty summer top and need to finish it by the end of this month. I can't tell you anything else about this crochet project for a while, but will let you know about it when I can.

I scored this pattern for 50p in a Glastonbury charity shop. If I was rich and a size 8 I'd make it using an Amy Butler fabric but I'm neither. Next month I plan to visit a local fabric shop and buy some cheap cotton fabric and make my first garment since I left school some (many) years ago. It can't be too difficult, can it?

Last night, I stayed up late in order to spin half a bobbin of yarn and ply it with one I prepared earlier. This was the second bobbin I have ever spun using a wheel and also the first time I plyed. Whilst it isn't brilliant I'm pleased with it.

Anyway, today was meeting day at the Weavers, Spinners and Dyers Guild in Rode. I was fortunate enough to be trained in the dark arts of carding yarn and spinning woollen using long draw. My trainer was the totally lovely Anne, who is hugely talented and I believe a master spinner. She also helped my friend Jess start spinning on her Frank Herring wheel.

I think Anne has an unusal way of carding, however, it is very elegant and surprisingly easy. Unfortunately, she declared my carders were 'grippy' as I could easily produce rolags and leave a clean carder with hers but not mine. I do have another (as yet unused) set which are curved Ashfords. I shall assemble these and see if they are less grippy than the others.

Anne kindly gave me some Ryeland fleece to card and spin as shorter staples are very suited to the long draw method. This method feels amazing and I am looking forward to practicing it tomorrow on the last 5 rolags of Ryeland I have.

Anne also gifted me with a handful of Manx Loghtan which is a pretty caramel colour. I really want to spin this long draw as well but want to make a thicker yarn. This will be a challenge as I have a tenancy to try to spin a fine yarn.

I just want to say that sheep are really cute!

Today, I also purchased an apron: working with raw fleece is a bit dirty and gently coats the knee with lanolin, something I would prefer not to do.

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Zoe said...

wow you had a great day. that fleece looks lovely.

I have been thinking of making a dress too. I have no idea how to cut and follow a pattern........