Wednesday, 10 June 2009


Firstly, please forgive me that a large proportion of the links in this post are to the Ravelry website. This does mean you will not be able to view them unless you are a member. If you are not a member but knit or crochet, ask for an invitation the site is awesome.

A while ago I was looking at baby patterns and I came across the most adorable pair of booties with pretty roses. I couldn't resist faving the pattern and a world of new adventure opened to me.

Firstly, the designer, Gail, invited me to join her Ravelry group ADHD Knitters. Stalking through the posts I came across a large number of talented and witty people intent in sharing, swapping, supporting and having fun with each other.

Wacky knitting projects made me wonder why I was lurking as I tend to knit 'serious' projects. Not for me a knitted pair of boobies or a garment to cover my pussy. No, I buy my bras from Marks & Sparks and my pussies come complete with fur. However, everyone was having such fun I wanted some of that for me.

In April ADHD announced a swap. Not any old swap as that wouldn't be special enough. The swap was to be a mystery yarn ball and I couldn't resist. A while back I had read about gift balls where presents are wound into a ball of yarn and these are unwrapped as the recipient knits.

Having signed up and been given my swap partner, Kittynutter, [at last a non-Rav link!] I spent time getting to know her and she spent time doing the same.

In due course I received my MYB and it caused squeals of excitement. See, look at the odd shape.

How pretty is that yarn? It is Opal Neon and will make a really fine pair of socks. Also included were some lovely silver lined beads, I think I might make Rolling Thunder socks [another non-Rav link].

As I unwound my ball DH had to prise it out of my hands so I could vote. There were so many gifts in my ball and I love every one.

I now have a 3mm and 3.5mm double ended KnitPro crochet hook. I can't wait to use these as I am really enjoying crochet. Also, there is a KnitPro viewer and needle guide, KnitPro cable needles, purple point protectors for larger needles, a pretty felted brooch, and non-slip paws for my socks. All this was secure around a jar of marmite which wore two balls of Rowan Kid Silk Haze, Princess Leia style.

How she managed to pack so much loveliness in one gorgeous ball of yarn, I don't know. I'm just happy she was my swapper and she spoilt me so.

She is planning to cycle across China with some friends in aid of charity. Drop by her cycle China blog and give her your support, such a lovely challenge.


Puddytat purr said...

That's so cool (except ewwwwwwww @ marmite!)

I never know how much to give in a swap, how much money is too much? LOL

Lovely gifts though

Anonymous said...

What wonderful yarn and all those gifts you lucky girly!

I'm puddytat though...Marmite is the devil's food!!