Sunday, 28 June 2009

Soap Giveaway

It is Glastonbury weekend, and this year DH and I have been watching it from the comfort of the sofa. There were many personal things happening when the tickets were on sale so we decided not to buy them. Of course this is the year that Neil Young, Bruce Springsteen and Nick Cave all play! Glastonbury has been our major summer holiday for 7 festival summers (and 12 for DH), I am missing being there and there is a part of me missing the Glastonbury mud.

Anyway, to celebrate access to hot water and a clean flushing loo, I thought it would be fun to host my first ever give away and what could be better than to offer a lovely hand made soap from Green Ore Naturals and a sisal soap sock?

I have been using the same soap for a short while and it lathers really well and leaves the skin feeling moisturised. The packaging can also be planted to grow lavender plants, so it completely reduces waste. What a fab idea.

Anyway, the winner will win one of these lovelies, it will be a brand new and unopened soap.

How to win? Leave me a comment on my blog and/or tweet about this competition. Please include my tweet handle "@knitcave1" so I can keep track.

I plan to close this competition on Saturday, 4th July so you have plenty of time to enter. I will then select the winner using a random number generator.


MG said...

The soap looks gorgeous, a real treat! I just love lavender.
I'm sorry you are missing Glastonbury this year. I've never had the pleasure myself but always like watching on the old gogglebox. I'm a bit too fond of my home comforts and never really fancy being knee deep in mud all weekend!
Thanks for hosting the giveaway!
Woollyholic x

Rolana said...

The soap looks wonderful! Glastonbury sounds like slot of fun. What a wonderful giveaway.


Anonymous said...

Lovely giveaway, that soap looks wonderful. I've never been to Glastonbury - not a fan of mud and lack of wash facilities! :) Prefer to watch on the tv from my warm, dry house! Have tweeted about your giveaway to spread the word.

Amy x

Shona said...

Thanks to Amy I visited your page :-)

Loving the soap, what a fantastic idea to be able to plant the seeds. Here's hoping for the giveaway!


Anonymous said...

Great competition! And what lovely looking soap!

Elizabeth said...

Ooh, looks lovely. *crosses fingers*