Sunday, 21 June 2009

WWKiP, Bath

Where does the time go? It seems only moments since World Wide Knit in Public day, although I did loose most of the week to a terrible cold.

We all met up in the Foyer of Green Park Station in Bath and knitted (or in my case, spun) away having lovely chats between ourselves and with passers by.

The projects on display were gorgeous and my friend, Elle, gave me this gorgeous scarf made from Artesanso Hummingbird. How kind is that?

Also, we were really pleased to be joined by Alison aka Laughing Yaffle. She has been selling beautiful hand dyed sock yarn for a short while, and several of us were knitting with her yarn. We also had someone come to learn how to knit and several people were interested in our regular knitting group.

So, all in all, it was a fun and successful day and my thanks go out to the lovely and energetic Janine for her hard work and to the owners of Green Park Station. I can't wait to start arranging the WWKiP day for 2010 and hope to have more knitters and yarny fun such as competitions.


Tamsyn said...

that looks great fun. Green park station is a bolt from the past :) I had a stall there for years off and on !

alison.hamnett said...

Don't we look like a creative bunch eh? :D hope your cold's better! xxx

Anonymous said...

looked like you had a great time. That scarf is beautiful.