Saturday, 27 September 2008


As Amy so rightly stated, it didn't take me long to die and suffer forced retirement from Hat Attack II. I love my death weapon but am secretly pleased not to have to knit at the required gauge. My hands hated knitting such a thick yarn on such small needles. Madness and my mind is still trying to recover.

Anyway, thank you M McClurg for my woolly death, it is lovely.

Our village held its annual Flower Show on 13 September.T he night before it looked as though the marquee would be washed away but on Saturday morning we were all greeted by a lovely sunny day.

With certain members of the village not entering a Victoria Sponge or Fruit Cake this year, I felt sure I would be placed. Oh, foolishness indeed. Although I thought they both tasted lovely, it appears that Soya margarine is not the type of marg the judge likes. I must return to the traditional type of marg next year. (The fruit cake is a set receipe.) Even worse was the fact that a very small portion of my Victoria Sponge was not thoroughly cooked. Now, in our house this is not a problem but in the competitive world of cake baking it means the cake will never be placed. Not in a month of Sundays. Drat. This also meant I could not entice people to purchase my prize winning cakes at the tea stand. Not this year anyway.

Roll on 2009!

On a much brighter note, I obtained a 3rd place for my first ever entry in floral arts. So happy. My husband is very concerned that the pink container came home with me. However, it is cute. I just need to think of a use for it.

After my bitter disappointment last year when my lace shawl received a second place I am very happy to be placed 1st this year. Last year, my lace came behind a well knitted pair of stocking stitch socks.

This year, I entered my socks Purple Perils (above), lovingly blocked onto my Fibre Trends sock blockers. I was up against some stiff opposition this year, the cardigan, necklace and blanket were lovely.

Also, there was some glorious needlecraft in the show this year. I am not sure who the entrants are but I am in awe of your work.

I will be uploading images from the Flower Show shortly in Flickr. I will advise when they become available.

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Anonymous said...

oh well done you! the socks look fab and your floral thingy.
Good luck for better cakes next year.